Quantum Rail | Non-destructive Testing
1st October 2019

Our Governance:

Since inception, QR has established its QMS in compliance with the ISO-9001 and RISQS, to conduct inspection according to applicable standards.

Quantum Rail governance hierarchy comprises of:

  • Organization chart and the roles and responsibilities of our qualified staff.
  • Quality Management System, establishing the standard requirements in the operations and management of our company.
  • 11 policies enforcing the required: health & safety;  Environmental safety; quality assurance; AD; Refusal to work; hours of work; Anti-bribery; Ethics; Equal opportunity; Modern Slavery; and Privacy.
  • 36 procedures for all administrative and technical processes.
  • 41 Forms, complementing our policies and processes for data gathering and approval process.

Below is the list of Quantum Rail governance structure

QMS & Governance QR ORG Chart

QR ASNT level III Technical director, oversees the development, approval, compliance, audit and corrective Actions of QR governance and operations.
QR has been audited against the applicable standards over the past 6 years with no records and reports of governance non-conformace or operational non-compliance.